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The direct -19E (Z-19E) export helicopter, developed by the Chinese Aviation Industry Corp, was successfully flown at Harbin Airport today.
Straight -19E is China Hafei aviation industry production of a market for the export of light special armed helicopters, September 8, 2015 public debut. This type of machine is in the international advanced standard, all-weather, complex battlefield environment and field security conditions to carry out the attack on the fire support and air combat capability with a variety of tasks, operational performance. In the past three years, they have been on display at the third China Tianjin international helicopter Expo, the fourteenth Dubai international air show and the Eleventh China International Aerospace Exhibition, which has aroused widespread concern in the industry.
Straight -19E Chinese alias "Kite", is the "cruise bird" meaning, essence of "Yi" shows the type of machine. The English full name is "Z-19E Yuan Dedicated Attack Helicopter", in which the "Yuan" stands for "Yours Useful Available Necessities", which means "useful and available equipment for you"!" The implication is that "straight -19E" will win a good reputation in the military trade market and has a broad market prospect.
Direct -19E using single rotor and ducted tail rotor, narrow fuselage configuration, tandem cockpit layout and three non retractable landing gear. Empty machine weight is small, effective task load is big, the maximum take-off weight is 4250 kilograms. The same type of level compared with foreign armed helicopters, has the advantages of small volume, high flexibility, has obvious advantages in cruise speed, rate of climb, ceiling and range etc..
Straight -19E is equipped with avionics weapon system miniaturization, integration, multi machine space information coordination ability, continuous and fast attack multiple targets, can choose a variety of attacks, strong firepower, hit the target accurately, with great destruction of ground targets and low altitude targets. This machine can carry missiles, air-to-air missiles, air rocket and machine gun pods and other weapons, mainly used to attack enemy tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored vehicles, fortifications and other important ground targets, compressible ground fire against the enemy, the enemy ground troops, hysteresis enemy action, provide powerful support for our ground the troops. In addition, can also be used for attack helicopters and low flying targets in low altitude, seizing control of the air, as the helicopter escort.
Straight -19E has good high temperature, high altitude performance and sand control ability. It can take off and land in the harsh conditions such as hot and humid, salt fog and mildew, as well as field temporary landing. It can perform various tasks at night and under complex weather. The model is equipped with a digital automatic flight control system to improve the accuracy and safety of driving. A complete survivability system has greatly improved the survivability of the battlefield.
The straight -19E is optimized and developed on the straight -9 export helicopter platform. The comprehensive support capability is the same as that of the latter, and it is integrated with the current efficient security system. In the current domestic helicopters, straight -9 die out is the best equipment, export volume and attendance of a helicopter, has a complete after-sales service system and reliable spare parts support capabilities. Compared with the product guarantee status of mass production and delivery at home and abroad, it has remarkable advantages in reliability, maintainability and supportability.
According to industry estimates, the straight -19E machine in the next 10 years, the market demand will reach 100 to 150 aircraft.
According to CCTV news:
What are the characteristics of Wu Ping 19E? As a tree killer on the battlefield, what is its performance and combat effectiveness?




直-19E中文别名“鸢 ”,是取其“巡弋之鸟”之意,以“弋”昭示该型机的本质特征。英文全名为“Z-19E Yuan Dedicated Attack Helicopter”,其中,“Yuan”代表“Yours Useful Available Necessities”,意为“于您有用且可得之必需装备!”寓意直-19E将在军贸市场赢得良好口碑,拥有广阔市场前景。









As an advanced dedicated armed helicopter, the straight 19E design has many features, such as its cockpit is used by two pilots, front and rear tandem seat design. Designers believe that the most vulnerable to attack on the battlefield helicopter gunships are positive, then reducing the positive area of the helicopter, which is to improve the helicopter survivability in the battlefield. Through the front and back seat design, the front area of the straight 19E is very narrow, and it is not easy to launch an attack on the battlefield.




The two pilots composition by the group in each division, the front pilot equivalent to the pilot of the helicopter pilot; rear main operation detection equipment and weapons on the helicopter, perform combat missions
So, what weapons can the straight 19E mount? Beneath this short wing, it has been clearly shown.
This is a multi - barreled rocket launcher that fires a dozen rockets in a short time, hitting large targets.





Beside it mounted four white missile is actually big kill straight 19E, its name is called air to ground missiles to attack the main armored vehicles and tanks on the ground. Even the world's most advanced major battle tanks can hardly withstand the deadly blow of such a missile.



Straight 19E is improved based on our 9 straight armed helicopter and its body retains many characteristics of straight 9, such as the helicopter tail rotor, it is to control the helicopter attitude and direction during the flight. The tail tail rotor is encased in it, and this design is the same as the straight 9. In this way, not only to ensure flight safety, protection of the tail rotor, and also reduce the noise, make it more covert attack.




Straight 19E can be said to be the epitome of China's helicopter industry, and in the future it will fly to a broader international market, and with the world's aviation power products, launched a smoke can not see the competition.
News links: armed helicopters around the world
An armed helicopter is a helicopter equipped with weapons for the execution of combat missions. Now let's get to know some of the world's armed helicopters.
Apache helicopter - air tank killer
The famous AH-64 "Apache" is developed by the United States in 1975 is the main U.S. Army helicopter gunships, firepower, armor, flight speed and combat radius, can effectively destroy medium and heavy tanks. In 1989, when the United States invaded Panama, the AH-64 was first put into actual combat. It also played an important role in the later Gulf War, the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war. After years of improvement, top of the Apache Longbow radar were more powerful now, is the main U.S. armed helicopter.







"Maverick" armed helicopters
The "-52" alligator is a Russian day and night all weather combat helicopter. Compared with other mainstream Apache helicopters, it uses side-by-side cockpit, more conducive to the driver and weapon operator with each other; the coaxial reverse armed helicopter seldom used double rotor, flight speed is greatly improved; in addition, the -52 card low altitude reconnaissance, command capability and performance is very excellent.





"Tiger" helicopter: German law and development of air "Flying Tiger""
European tiger helicopter is a German and French joint attack helicopters, is currently equipped in Germany, France, Spain, Australia and other countries. Its development began in the late 70s, although smaller than the type two armed helicopters to be small, but by virtue of excellent power, advanced electronic equipment and focus on the stealth performance of the overall design, the tiger also become a world advanced armed helicopter.




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